There’s No Way I’d Die First

Now Available from Delacorte Press

There’s No Way I’d Die First is a spine-tingling contemporary horror novel that follows a scary-movie buff as she hosts an elaborate Halloween bash but soon finds the festivities upended when she and her guests are forced to test their survival skills in a deadly game, from debut author Lisa Springer.

Seventeen-year-old Noelle Layne knows horror. Every trope, every warning sign, every survival tactic. She even leads a successful movie club dedicated to the genre. Who better to throw the ultimate, most exclusive Halloween party on all of Long Island?

With some of the top influencers in her school on the guest list, including gorgeous singer-songwriter Archer Mitchell, her popularity is bound to spike. She could really use the social boost for an upcoming brand expansion. Nothing is going to ruin this party.

Except…maybe the low budget It clown she hired for a stirring round of tag. He axes one of her classmates. From the looks of his devilish grin and bag full of killer tricks, he’s just getting started.

A murderous clown is out for blood, but Noelle has been waiting her entire life to prove that she’s a Final Girl.


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“Springer strikes a compulsively readable balance between humor and thrills, and her love for the horror genre bursts through every exuberant page. This is an instant classic in Black horror that teens will be sure to devour.”

~ RYAN DOUGLASS, New York Times bestselling author of The Taking of Jake Livingston

“Terrifying, timely, and so much fun, horror fans won’t be able to put down Lisa Springer’s gripping debut.”

~JORDYN TAYLOR, award-winning author of The Revenge Game

“A perfectly gruesome, jaw- clenching slasher!”

~VANESSA MONTALBAN, author of A Tall Dark Trouble

“Unforgettably sharp and sinister this horror debut serves up ghoulish gore and trope-twisting terror, ripping through genre stereotypes to become an instant horror classic.”

~VICTORIA FULTON and FAITH MCCLAREN, authors of Horror Hotel

“A page-turning, nail-biting story with some new twists.”